Our Story

Stoned Ape is a veteran-owned company created by people who share a passion for holistic wellness and personal growth. We are on a mission to make radically transparent products that help others become healthier, more confident, more present versions of themselves.

You may be asking yourself, how can supplements -- or even nutrition in general -- do all that for me? And the answer is, they can’t. At least, not alone. This is why our goal is not to simply push you to buy more of our products, but instead to offer you more comprehensive solutions by recommending when not to take our products, as well as guiding you to consider other products and lifestyle changes.

As lifelong athletes, adventurers and biohackers ourselves, our core team has been drawn together by the shared drive to push, measure and optimize oneself, and the unrelenting search for competitive edge. Naga and Shane met while pursuing their MBA at Stanford, where Naga was pursuing a joint degree in business and sustainable food design and Shane was similarly pursuing a joint degree in social entrepreneurship at Stanford and public policy at Harvard. Shane and Nick met as undergrads at West Point, where Nick was a nationally ranked member of the taekwondo team before he became a commander in the army special forces and himself studied public policy at Texas A&M.

In pursuit of our mission to create an organization founded on the latest science, we enlisted the support of a team of accomplished nutritional scientists to help translate our vision into a reality. The results, we hope you’ll agree, are everything you think supplements and nutrition should represent.

Meet the Troop

Naga Kataru

As a graduate student at Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences, my thesis focused on creating a sustainable beverage product that would reduce chronic stress levels in consumers by using clinically researched ingredients. This set me off on my journey to create Stoned Ape with Shane, who shares my passion in functional foods and supplements. In the process, I discovered how the nutritional supplement industry lacks the rigor of the pharmaceutical industry, how the supplement companies market products based more on popular trends rather than emerging clinical evidence, how the dosages in supplements don’t match the dosages used in clinical trials. We founded Stoned Ape to change all that.


Welcome to Stoned Ape! I’m Nick and I am privileged to be part of the Stoned Ape Troop. As a West Point graduate, and still-serving U.S Army Special Forces Officer, I am no stranger to optimal physical, mental and emotional performance. Through rigorous training, deployments and personal fitness regimens, physical preservation and recovery has become just as important to me as performance. The passion for overall wellness and longevity is why my team and I are excited to provide high quality products to the health and wellness community. Explore our story and join the growing Stoned Ape community!

Shane Robinson

I wanted to create Stoned Ape as a platform to advocate the core beliefs that have enriched my own life: 1) growth -- physically, emotionally, interpersonally -- is entirely dependent on what you feed your body and mind (and, of course, how you then put your mind and body to use); and 2) always be honest. I’ve spent my entire life as an athlete, in ice hockey rinks, baseball fields, boxing rings, yoga studios, ski slopes, mountainsides, the open water and just about every kind of gym and workout class you can imagine. Persevering through extreme hardship in this physical realm, most notably as an 18 year-old enlisted army recruit, is what first taught me that we are so much more capable than we often lead ourselves to believe. And crucially, it is also what gave me the confidence to truly apply myself in the intellectual realm, allowing me to go from an underachieving high school student to studying in some of the most renowned institutions on earth. Because of all this, I have come to believe that if I can do it, so can you.