Our Mission

Our Mission

Stoned Ape isn’t merely a supplement company. We’re a group of individuals united by the belief that we as a species can evolve to live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Instead of packaging cheap vitamins as “performance enhancement” pills, we have carefully selected, and rigorously tested, supplements we believe can help to deliver you a better state of mind and therefore a better life.

As health enthusiasts ourselves, we have been frustrated with the selection of products currently on the market, many of which pass themselves off as miraculous, yet offer little visibility into their formulations. And then there are all the synthetic fillers, colorants and flavors increasingly used to make those products prettier, tastier and cheaper – but not healthier. The genesis of our company is us collectively rising to the challenge this problem presents.

Are you skeptical? Good, you should be. Not just of vitamins and supplements sold at gas stations, but of much of the health advice based on limited studies, that gets amplified and regurgitated by news outlets, and email forwarded by your aunt, neighbor or grandpa. One reality holds true – the nutrients you put into your body, whether through whole food or supplements, matter almost more than anything when it comes to your long-term health. That’s why we have carefully chosen our formulas, then subjected them to the highest standards of testing and certification. We aim to be the most exceptional nootropic company on the market.

We hope you’ll appreciate our fundamental commitment to you: we will never include an ingredient in any of our products without telling you why it’s there, what dose it’s in and where it comes from, and unless we believe it’s clean and effective. We also have every batch of every product third-party tested for accuracy, purity and efficaciousness, so that you don’t have to simply rely on our own lofty claims.

Why ‘Stoned Ape’?

It’s not just something that will make for a great NFT or album cover. Stoned Ape is inspired by the late Terence McKenna’s theory that consumption of mushrooms over many generations played a crucial role in humanity’s extraordinary leaps in evolution. In other words, it was ‘shrooms’ psychedelic properties that might have acted as the catalyst behind the development of human consciousness, language and therefore culture.

According to McKenna, changes to the Earth’s climate more than 2 million years ago could have caused our hominid ancestors to strike out on the move in search of food, tracking ancient cattle, depending on them for food and clothing, and harvesting the mushrooms grown in their waste. It was also around that time that the human brain roughly tripled in size. The ‘stoned ape theory,’ as it has come to be known, posits that consumption of these fungi didn’t change our ancestors’ genes but could have impacted the expression of certain genes, thus altering them physiologically and neurochemically, ultimately leading to an explosion in introspection and creativity. While the “stoned ape theory” may or may not be true, it is the symbolism of the stoned ape that we felt represents the cornerstones of our brand, namely that:

  1. What we put into our bodies matters and has a profound impact on how we think, feel and act in the world
  2. If our continued evolution (both as a society and as individuals) is inevitable, we should be deliberate and thoughtful about how we can shape this evolution
  3. A life well-lived should entail a dual respect for elitism and humility (we aspire to be our most capable selves and yet we are all still merely animals)
  4. We will not be afraid to take the path less traveled.