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What Nootropics Are and How They Can Help You Be Your Most Present, Capable Self

  • November 18, 2021
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So we’ve broadly covered what nootropics are and what they can do. But why should you start taking them?

Sadly, modern-day society has presented us with some unfortunate maladies:

  • We’re stressed out. Burnout is at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the most accessible remedy is cheap, digital dopamine that numbs us at the expense of our long-term stress management capacity.
  • We’re sleeping poorly. Whether it’s due to constant exposure to blue light, chronic stress, or any number of factors, short and low quality sleep is plaguing our society. Roughly 50M-70M American adults suffer from sleep disorders.
  • We’re overmedicated. 21M Xanax prescriptions were written in 2018, while 16M adults used prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin in 2017. Barring specific medical needs, there are less risky ways of improving sleep and mental performance.

Meanwhile, nootropics such as L-theanine, ashwagandha root, and valerian root extract have been proven to promote a calm flow state, improve stress management, and enhance sleep quality with minimal adverse side effects.

So who can benefit from nootropics?

Proper sleep, focus, and stress management are essential keys to thriving in a fast-paced and highly demanding modern society. We could likely all do better there, but let’s dive deeper into why different types of people can significantly benefit from nootropics.

Athletes. When it's gametime, you're expected to perform. You need acute mental focus and mind-body coordination. As LeBron James said, about 80% of the game is mental. 

You’re not just running and lifting. You’re buying into the slow grind. You’re drawing on pure grit to drag yourself to morning workouts. You’re memorizing plays and learning to optimize your movement to meet the moment.

Meanwhile, judgment comes from all sides, belittling athletes as they work tirelessly for our entertainment. As superstars like Naomi Osaka, Kevin Love, and Simone Biles have bravely shown us, immense pressure awaits those who aim toward the summit. We can help.

Desk workers & entrepreneurs. One oft overlooked challenge for the average professional is that there is no distinction between practice and gametime. We’re expected to perform around the clock, often without much acknowledgement of a learning period. If you are an entrepreneur, these challenges can be amplified to the extreme.

Whether you’re a banker, software engineer, or small business owner, you likely spend at least half of your waking hours hunched over in front of a screen. Meanwhile, remote work has erased the boundary between a high-stress work environment and a relaxing home for many of us.

Humans did not evolve to thrive in the modern work environment. By taking control of our rest, stress management, and mental acuity, we can take back our physical and mental health.

Students. The world demands so much of our students today. The bar is continually rising, as universities and companies insist that you excel at everything you do while balancing personal responsibilities and carving out a promising career path. 

“Learn to code!” “Take on leadership positions!” “Don’t you know what career path you want to take?” Stress, sleep, and learning aids may help you cut through the noise and own your educational journey.

Gamers. How often have your anonymous teammates typed in chat, "that's okay, that was great practice!" after a tough loss? How often have you made uncharacteristic mistakes while on tilt?

Furthermore, gamers often suffer from poor sleep and the negative downstream effects that follow. Stress and poor sleep run in a vicious cycle ― it doesn’t have to be this way.

Field professionals. First responders, mental health professionals, and construction workers have very different jobs, but share one thing in common: extreme stress. Whether you’re responding to emergencies or performing physical labor under the sun, these tough conditions demand calm and efficient decision-making. Your brain deserves better support.

Anybody who wants to upgrade their performance. Let’s be real, here ― living a good, honest life is hard. We see you pushing to reach your goals. We recognize the blood, sweat, and tears. You’re already putting in the work. We want to give you an edge to help you reach that next level.

If you’re committed to building top physical and mental performance on a foundation of healthy sleep, diet, exercise, and stress management, Stoned Ape is here to help you thrive.